Boeing 727 stolen in 2003 never found out why you left

27.02.2019 Latricia

Despite a worldwide search, it still has not been found. One does not simply steal a boeing 727. In may 2003, two men who didnt know how to fly a boeing 727-223 stole one from an angolan airport.

The aircraft took off and headed southwest towards the atlancic ocean. In 2003, a boeing 727-223 was stolen from an airport in angola. Its disappearance prompted a worldwide search by the united states' federal bureau of investigation fbi and central intelligence agency cia.

No trace of the aircraft has since been found. As long as it is only flying in to private air fields that are owned by friendly people, then it seems like the fact that it is stolen wouldn't matter.

In 2003, a 727 that once flew for american airlines disappeared from angola. Its last owner was reported to be miami-based company. I bet this thing is used to ferry drugs and other illicit cargo. Two men boarded the boeing 727 which had been grounded and sat idle at luanda. And was outfitted to carry diesel fuel.