How to do a tailwhip on a scooter flat

27.02.2019 Jolie

If you are a beginner about scooter tricks, then we will suggest you start with practicing tailwhip. Hold the scooter on a little above the ground and push it with your foot. Stop it with your foot as soon as it completes a full spin.

Beginner tipps tricks for learning. In this quick tutorial you will learn how to tailwhip on a scooter step by step on flat. Chad kagy pulling a double tailwhip flat spin x games 12. This shows you how to do not one, but two whips flat on your scooter. Beginner tipps tricks for learning tailwhip.

Scuttle's scooters flat ride tokyo disneysea japan pov. This is my tutorial on how to tailwhip or tailwhip flat on a scooter. Keep reading this article to know how to do a tailwhip on a scooter easily. Park scooters - park scooters bristol - louis andrews team rider. Ep scooters snow scooters lifestyle 2016.