No will to live what do i do

04.01.2019 Sharika

I don't feel like doing anything at all. What should i do to get up and going. Answered nov 10, 2017 author has 121 answers and. When you are losing your will to live, i am no psychologist, but hope to help you with this question.

This question is read-only because it has been merged with what should i do if i have lost the will to live. If you choose death out of a fancy for it and being too lazy to live, then you have not found any meaning in life. What can one do to stop hating life and wishing it would just end. Imagine you are dead, at this particular second.

Sometimes i don't understand why we live life. I feel disconnected from the world. Why should i live if i don't want to.

I don't have any reason to live what should i do. About careers privacy terms contact.