Easylift stairlifts

09.03.2019 Jame

Easylifting stairlifts services. We are specialising in the supply, nstallation and maintenance of all types of stairlift. Nothing to pay untill stairlift is fitted you are happy with your item. Stair lift chairlift lift chair and debilitated stairlifts distributor.

Easylift was designed by architects, something that can be seen in the clean, straight lines and the smooth-finish surfaces. Easylift can be easily operated via 3 buttons on the lift itself, via a supplied remote control, or via the control panels located above and below the lift. With the help of our easylift models, wheelchair users and physically disabled persons can easily move between differences in altitude of up to 970mm.

When stairs become too much, the lifestyle home lift provides the ideal solution for staying in your home. The weatherproof lifting platform with a total weight of only 95 kg can easily be put up, offering a perfect solution for urgent or temporary needs. Villas lift systems in italian design. Easylift is easy to use, with adaptable design.

You can kindly find here the products of the best chair stairlift brand handicare. If your stairs are straight then you can expect to pay anywhere between1, 00 to 5, 00 for straight stairlifts. For custom-built curved stairliftsyoull usually pay from 4, 00 to over 15, 00, depending on the complexityof installation.