When people look over your shoulder the o'jays

16.03.2019 Collene

Don't you ever get tired of these things. He's the reason for your pain it's not my position girl to meddle in your life you have no one to blame the way he treats you is a shame baby all you got to do is turn your head and. I'll be sweeter tomorrow than i was today. Get notified about the latest hits and trends, so that you are always on top of the latest in music when it comes to your friends.

Look over your shoulder i'll be standing right there. Look over your shoulder i'll be standing behind you.

Bad guy with justin bieberbillie eilish. Look over your shoulder i'll be standing behind you yeah, look over your shoulder i'll be standing there.

I'll be there through the good and the bad when you're sad i've got your back. Written by kwabs christopher taylor. So many nights you spent crying when he calls you up lying saying he'll be home so don't wait up too late.

Yea, when life is down on you and everything you do turns out wrong if my love is strong i'll be there right behind you. When you feel very small like you're not there at all. Where, when people put you down and your pride is not, it's not quite down to the ground when your whole world falls through and you need someone to help you.