How to kill common house moths

20.03.2019 Demetrice

We will explain how to identify and kill moths in a safe way so you dont end up with serious health consequences just to rid your home of these pests. Lets start by asking the question, are these really moths. When you are seeing your cereal being devoured and other things, you may have another pest on your hands like ants, silverfish, or even a mouse. The bee moth, otherwise known as greater wax or honeycomb moths, lay their eggs at the entrance of bee hives.

Reduce the light in the house to a minimum. Do you have a moth infestation. Find out how to get rid of a moth infestation and how to protect your clothes from moths. Close all windows, doors and other openings where the moths can get in or out. Moths are a common household pest to deal with not only with clothing but even with cereal, breads, flour, and other things.

Are you wondering how to get rid of moths in your wardrobe, in your carpets or in your kitchen. We talked to experts about the best new ways to get rid of moths. Dealing with holes in your clothing caused by moths is an expensive and annoying thing. We've done our research and rounded up the best advice and natural methods to help you prevent moths from entering your home and solve the problem if they already have. Follow the moths to whatever sources of light remain.