Can you brush on highlights at home

20.03.2019 Jeanette

There are all kinds of colors, and my only beef is that the highlights don't last very long. The brush in the kit is often big and awkward, which can lead to big and awkward highlights. Whether you want to highlight short, medium, or long hair, just follow these tips to get salon-quality hair highlights that can easily be done at home.

Foils would be hard for me due to hand and wrist problems, so i would rather not use them. L'oreal color rays brush-on highlights.

Does anyone here paint them on at home with a brush and end up with a nice result. Not only will this save you tons of money but also time. I have explained in another post how to dye your hair at home and today i like to share also with you how to do highlights at home. I know some girls have fun going to the hair salon but i am not one of them.

Youll need to buy your supplies from a beauty store, prepare your hair and a workstation, and apply your highlights using a few easy techniques. I used to use this all the time when i wanted some really daring red streaks. To get fantastic highlights without spending time and money at a salon, you can easily do your own highlights at home. When i'm done, can i rinse off the highlighted strands together with the non-highlighted hair and not wind up with random bleaching of the rest of my hair.