What is largest nuclear bomb

21.03.2019 Admin

It was the first time the bomb had ever been used. It was originally intended for use during the iraq war. Both bomb types release large quantities of energy from relatively small amounts of matter. Rds-220 hydrogen bomb tsar bomba is the most powerful thermo nuclear bomb ever built.

What is a nuclear gravity bomb. Is there a maximum size megatons for a nuclear bomb. Can a powerful laser trigger a nuclear explosion without the use of a nuclear bomb. What will happen if a silo containing nuclear bombs is hit with a nuclear bomb. Which one is more dangerous a gene-set bomb or nuclear bomb.

What is more effective, a nuclear bomb or a hydrogen bomb. What goes on in bomb detonation--specifically when a nuclear bomb is detonated. What kind of material can absorb or reflect radiation from a nuclear blast if the bomb is right on top. Is a large thermobaric explosive akin to a small nuclear bomb, minus the radiation.

The target was reportedly an underground islamic state group hideout.