What is vdi thin client

22.03.2019 Admin

Vpn can be vendor dependent, so you can install the vpn client required in your environment. All our thin clients support dual screens and we have one that supports up to six if required. Most support resolutions of 1920x1080 and others support higher resolutions up to 4k. Peripheral support almost all peripherals have windows drivers which can be embedded in a windows embedded os thin client.

Centralized management and backups. There are several major providers for virtual desktop hosts which can help you in developing a virtual desktop infrastructure. So the technology has been around for quite some time, but what is it. Cost reduction for multiple software licenses. It supports connections to citrix, microsoft and vmware infrastructures. Fully secured virtual environment that is fully monitored and managed.

It allows you to install applications to increase your connectivity options. William, what you seem to be looking at seems to be a windows-based thin client, as it provides you with the most flexibility. Here are some reasons why vdi is beneficial which answers the question, what is vdi. These are just a handful of benefits to vdi and what it has to offer and how they can really simplify end-user support, licensing costs and management and backups.