Pain in right chest when breathing

26.03.2019 Admin

She continued to have chest pain on left side. Chest pain in itself should never be undermined as it strongly indicates an underlying serious condition. However, right side chest pain while breathing is usually experienced when the affected area is the right side.

Like just sitting on the couch. It was a sharp pain in her chest that worsened with breathing. Radiates to collarbone or back shoulder blade. My post asking for help has still gone unanswered. But originates deep in right chest.

All throughout the day, i've had constant pain in my chest especially when breathing even if i'm doing nothing. I also have been gasping a little more for air especially when i'm speaking. Sharp cutting sensation pain in right chest when breathing deep.

She noticed she had chest pain on left side. She was somewhat alarmed by the chest pain but just thought she might have chest muscle strain.