What is it like to have adhd as a child

27.03.2019 Admin

All my life i had to fight, in my oprah voice of course. My fight was not with a man or external factors, but with my own mind. Its like i was constantly digging in a sand pit to find the real me. For those who have never experienced what i am explaining, it may seem a bit wild, but stay with me.

Every day is a struggle, but you make the best of it. People offer sympathy when you are in pain.

Perhaps by reading these stories, those of us with loved ones going through the same thing can be more helpful and empathetic. You may wonder about symptoms and how to help your child. People look at me and often think, the lights are on, but clearly no one is home.

For example, my son has a teacher that is always cranky. He has excellent grades and even though he goes to a challenging school, he finishes his work early and has a high degree of accuracy. Suddenly an adult who has been well-cared for and supported, at school and at home, realizes they are disorganized and haphazard.