Linux how to use screen command examples

31.03.2019 Admin

On some distribution it show it version and summary page before start but in most distribution it just start. Screen has a strong competitor named tmux where we will look next posts. Screen has these abilities to make system administrators life easy. Linux screen command examples screen is a powerful tool in linux command line interface.

Lets start to see the function of screen. Well show you, how to use the linux screen command. Start screen for the first time. In this post we will try to see how we could work and use screen command in linux machines. Installing linux screen command. In this article, we will show you the basics of installing and using screen command on linux.

Screen is very useful for admins if they are working from home from an unstable network where network outage can be expected and they doing sensitive operations which need time to be executed. User can open multiple instances of terminal inside one single terminal by using screen command very easily. This was our brief tutorial on how to use screen command with examples. Actually, screen is a very good command in linux which is hidden inside hundreds of linux commands.