How i met your mother mosbius designs summary of romeo

01.04.2019 Cherilyn

Over 11, 45 tv time users rated it. Home how i met your mother season 4 mosbius designs. Since losing his job and deciding to open up his own firm mosbius designs things have been going slowly for ted. Worse yet, he is a hot guy for robin to sleep with.

Find info and videos for '04x20 mosbius designs' from how i met your mother tv show season 4 episode 20 - mosbius designs. As we already know in an upcoming episode of how i met your mother, barney and marshall do their best to hide the fact that ted was fired from the gnb headquarter design. Barney insists that lily is one of the boys, and she will. Ted sets up his architecture firm in his apartment and hires an intern, who ends up getting a little too chummy with ted's friends.

According to korbitv's latest spoiler column, she says that ted will be quitting his current job and starting his own architecture firm, which is tentatively called mosbius designs. More mosbius designs s04e20 is the twentieth episode of season four of how i met your mother released on mon apr 13, 2009.

Now while that might sound like a terrible thing, it sounds like these events will lead ted to going out on his own. Ted goes out on his own as an architect and hires an intern to help get things started, but the intern gets a little too close to others in the gang.