How to hide nail holes in furniture

07.01.2019 Daisy

For nail holes, household items like toothpaste and soap can. You could also try positioning furniture, like a bookcase or floor mirror, in front of a hole to hide it. If youd rather fill the hole, squeeze some white toothpaste into a nail hole for a temporary solution. To learn more, including how to patch up a large hole, keep reading.

I can sand the filler flat in 30 minutes for a perfectly flat surface or with a light touch of my index finder i can smooth it over almost perfectly and move on to painting. May this quick little article help you get it done. How to fill nail holes in molding. Spread a layer of spackle over. Not everyone has great patience and wants to sand.

Wood i use wood filler to conceal and fill in the hole. How to make beautiful cement pot at home easily creative flower pots ideas.

You can always go back later and finish it off. Decorative molding can be an attractive addition to your home's interior design. Did you install some trim in your home and lost steam when it came time to hide the finishing nails.