What is shakira full name

01.04.2019 Wava

Yes, her full name is shakira isabel mebarak ripoll. Yes shakirah is lebanese, ctully her full name is, hakirah isabel mebarak, nd her name shakira means thankful in arabic. It is the feminine form of the name shakir.

If you don't believe me then look on shakira's wikapedia that will give your proof. What was the full name of shakira and. Is shakira's real name shakira. I want to know that what is the full name of shakira. What is the full name of shakira. Oh thanks cool you answered my other one to lol.

Question and answer in the shakira club. Shakira's real name is shakira isabell mebarak ripoll i am 100 sure. What is shakira the singer real or full name. What is the ral name of shakira.