How do lightscribe drives workintexas

02.04.2019 Admin

You may burn media with windows 98se, me, 2000 or xp. How do i use lightscribe to label a disc. To burn a lightscribe label, simply follow your softwares onscreen instructions.

Using draft or normal imaging modes provides a shorter burn time, but also results in a lighter label. The light from the laser causes a chemical change in the dye coating that shows up on the disc.

How does those lightscribe discs and lightscribe itself work technologically speaking. The disk surface is coated with a reactive substance which reacts and changes color when exposed to the light of the drive's laser head. While the color of the lightscribe disk is variable, the etching itself does not offer anything other than shades of gray. How to lightscribe lightscribe software.

Lightscribe media - cds and dvds with a coating designed to respond to the laser from lightscribe-enabled drives. Of course, the light level of the storage area and the temperature of the room both can affect the quality and longevity of the image. How long does it take to burn a lightscribe label. Only lightscribe media has this special coating.