Why do i have white spots on my back

02.04.2019 Admin

Why do i have a white spot on my tongue. Have you wondered why these white marks appear in your nails. Learn about the different reasons why this happens and how to prevent it.

White spots may also develop at the tip of your tongue, sides, back or the whole tongue. Is there anything i can do to make them go away for good. Red spots on the back of your throat could be a sign of infection or another medical condition. What is the white bump on my tonsil.

Red spots on the roof of your mouth. What causes white spots on your tonsils. And what are the yellowish spots at the back of my throat.

Why do i have red spots on my feet. They can be accompanied with other symptoms like inflammation or swellings. But ive started to get loads of spots on my back and i just dont understand it.