Who is john lewis christmas advert monty

04.04.2019 Admin

John lewis unveils its latest chritsmas advert on thursday centring on the friendship between a young boy and monty, a cgi-animated penguin. Celebrate all things festive with the john lewis partners christmas advert. Watch our seasonal film and discover why your christmas present might be one they'll never forget - because some gifts are more than just gift.

The adverts tend to attract widespread media coverage and acclaim upon their release. John lewis' xmas advert for 2018 is here starring elton john. It has since become something of an annual tradition in british popular culture, and one of the signals that the countdown to christmas has begun in the uk.

The sweet film is sure to draw a smile if not a tear from even the most battle-hardened advertising skeptics. So we all know what'll be number one in the charts this week. So it's enough to make you weep when sam presents monty with the perfect gift for christmas. This was the heartwrenching advert about a little boy and his friend monty the penguin who wants to find love at christmas. If people don't say the bear and the hare is their favourite, they often choose 2014's advert as the john lewis ad they like the best.

He's revealed to be the boy's stuffed toy - and under the christmas tree is a girl penguin toy for monty to fall in love with. Like ice skating at somerset house or getting crushed by the crowds at winter wonderland, the john lewis christmas advert has become a big feature of the festive period.