24 actors who died in the middle of filming in new orleans

07.01.2019 Florencio

Phoenix died age 23 from a drug overdose outside the viper room in hollywood. Some actors, like heath ledger played joker in batman for example, died after finishing the movie. Below, were going to show you actors who died while on the set. With that being said, lets take a look at 10 actors who died in the middle of filming youre about to have your mind blown.

They say that the only things that are sure in life are death and taxes, but were going to focus on the former for this piece. The fast and furious star tragically died in a high-speed car crash in 2013. Died on set filming his new sitcom the royal family. John spencer was born john speshock, jr. At the time he had just finished filming dark knight and was in the middle of production for the imaginarium of dr.

Below is a list of notable celebrities who died while filming a movie or tv show. The one thing that truly binds us all on this planet is that we are going to expire one day. He and his friend roger rodas were killed almost instantly when rodas lost control of the porsche he was driving and slammed into a tree.

No matter the amount of money or fame you have, you cant hold off death forever. Fast furious 7 was still being filmed, but after walker's death, universal pictures put the movie on hold.