How to embed video into keynote presentation

05.04.2019 Laverne

Paste the url into the liveslides dialog and click insert. A new slide with a placeholder image will appear at the end of your presentation. Drag the slide to where you'd like to display the web content.

One way is to to add a movie, a soundtrack, or an animated clip to your slides. Insert into keynote presentation and present. For the second part of this article, we will show you how to use the tool to convert a youtube video into a quicktime readable format so you can use it in part of my keynote presentation on mac. Liveslides is fast to set up, but it requires an internet connection for video playback.

Learn how to embed live youtube links with liveslides, as well as how to convert streaming video to an embeddable format using a free online video converter like yout. If you want to do a conversion on pc, please switch to use video converter for windows. Here's a rundown of compatible formats. How can you add life to your powerpoint keynote presentations. You're about to learn how to add audio and video to keynote, but there are many other ways to improve your keynote presentation. To embed a youtube video in your keynote presentation, youll need to use a youtube video converter or the liveslides keynote add-in.