Delivering business results examples of hyperbole

06.04.2019 Hsiu

Even in literary writings, you can use hyperbole to emphasize more emotions on the characters that you want to focus on. At the end of the day, you will not really notice but you are actually using a hyperbole to support your facts. At least traditional ads have to ground wacky examples in reality, and even then consumers can be happily misinformed by hyperbole, or distrustful of the brands behind it. I wonder if some or much of that hyperbolic social content represents empty calories of marketing communication.

A figure of speech or a rhetoric or locution is a word or a single phrase that goes off the straightforward literal language. Examples of hyperbole in advertising.

They are commonly used in prose as well as poetry. The use of hyperbole should also be put in place to make sure that the person you are talking to can understand you, because if not, there will definitely be misunderstanding between the two of you. Some advertisers turn to audio cues to tout their products. The ad campaign for the red bull energy drink promises to give the consumer wings to fly above his lethargy.

Advertisers are experts at displays of visual hyperbole. However, this is just an exaggeration of being hungry and not really resulting to death.