How to upgrade android 2.3 to 4.0

07.04.2019 Roselee

For very specific devices, including smartphones and tablets, the answer is yes, a resounding yes. On some you can even go up to android. Get your free software from unlockallandroids. And while google did say that that most if not all phones with gingerbread would see an upgrade to android.

This will display the version number and build number of android that is currently running on the phone. Please guide me how to upgrade my htc explorer, android os version.

He now wants to upgrade it to the version. You can only upgrade to a higher version of android if your phone supports the upgrade. Hello experts, my friend recently bought karbonn a1 having the android os of version. So, dont have any idea about rooting and taking backup.

It all depends on which device you are trying to do such big a jump of an android upgrade. If there are no updates available, the screen will say, your system is currently up to date. Can anyone please describe the procedure to upgrade from android. I want to upgrade it to android.