House style guide examples of hyperbole

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However, the interpretation of the example of a hyperbole is not actually true, rather it is an embellishment and it highlights an emotion. It is applied to accentuate the thoughts, ideas and images presented in the literature and it dramatizes the overall text. The objective of using hyperbole is to add an amusing effect in the text.

Examples of hyperbole in the house of mango street. What are some examples of hyperbola. This hyperbole is commonly used when we meet a friend after a very long time of not seeing her. Figures of speech - definition and examples of puns.

However, it is a literary device and we use this device in our daily conversation to include a certain effect. What is an examples of a hyperbole.

There are millions of examples of hyperbole. Her brain is the size of a pea. Find this pin and more on figurative language by kate seavey. Read some more examples of hyperbole and find out how to use it effectively in your own writing.