Asp mvc cache control examples

11.04.2019 Cassidy

This short article shows how to use outputcache and responsecache attributes to prevent caching in asp. Let's understand it from a demonstration of how we can achieve static contents caching in asp. If you don't know how to create asp.

In this case, the view will be retrieved from the cache instead of being regenerated from the controller action. The directives control caching behavior as requests make their way from clients to servers and as responses make their way from servers back to clients. Caching is a most important aspect of the high-performance web application. Lets take a look at a simple example of caching in our project. I have seen this done in traditional asp.

Practically, this is an effective way of improving web applications performance. Caching enables you to avoid performing redundant work on the server. Hence you can take advantage of the output cache to avoid executing a database query every time a user invokes the same controller action. Can anyone show an example of how this would work, where this should be implemented model. Now when these records are retrieved from the database by executing a database query each and every time a user invokes the controller action it returns the index view.