Who sings liberty mutual insurance commercial song

12.04.2019 Admin

It was written only recently by a local musician in his mid-20s, who only wishes to be identified as thomas. He told bbc news chinese he hoped the song would unite hong kongers and boost public morale. Image caption earlier this week, people gathered in shopping malls to sing out the lyrics of 'glory to hong kong'. And from there i wrote the rest of the song, he said.

Anyone else wonders who sings that song or what the title is of the song. Liberty mutual insurance thoughts commercial.

However, liberty mutual provides auto insurance. No company called mutual auto insurance could be found.

Liberty mutual insurance bad job commercial. Whose voice is it in the new liberty mutual insurance commercial. Liberty mutual insurance before after commercial. Which services provides the mutual auto insurance. One of the funnier commercials to air during the american coverage of the london 2012 olympics.

Narrated by actor paul giamatti.