What do fashion merchandisers do

08.01.2019 Admin

Fashion merchandisers also take into consideration the clientele that they serve in deciding the stocks that they will put into their stores. This can be a job that fashion merchandisers may also undertake. In this role, they will be negotiating with manufacturers so they can get the best price for the garments they will buy as they are given a budget on how much the purchases should be. The different hats fashion merchandisers wear have nothing to do with their sense of style.

Working closely with buyers and designers, the fashion merchandiser curates and plans what merchandise to stock for a brand by analyzing the past buying behaviors of their customers. What are some other careers in fashion. Curation and planning of merchandise. So, what does a fashion merchandiser do.

Besides having a sense of style, fashion merchandisers also combine strategic analytical insights, marketing and management skills to ensure the products sold will maximize profit. Also isa a fashion merchandiser a fashion buyer. One of the tasks that a fashion merchandiser does is to study market trends in order to predict where it is going to be headed.

They decide what to buy from companies to put out in their store to sell to the customers. Reacting to the latest fashion trends along with insights drawn from sales data, they work within a companys budget to plan and produce products that will drive revenue. You will be looking at the companys past performance and current trend reports to determine the styles that the store should stock.