I'm broken hearted what do i do

14.04.2019 Admin

Why did i know love was built and knew it was in vain. Why did i try to love her lies told plenty through her lips. Such words of love now run dry as now my only heart rips.

What should i do if i'm broke and haven't found a job yet. What do i do when im feeling down and im broke.

Is this normal or is something wrong with me. Im a young adult woman and i've never had a boyfriend. The miracles broken hearted lyrics. I'm 18 and broke, what should i do. Why don't i sometimes understand what i'm feeling.

Why did i feel so much guilt, when she sent me this pain. Should wear my heart on my sleeve fuck you, i follow my dreams believe what you wanna believe i do what i wanna believe. Recently, i feel my heart is broken because of someone.