Foods to avoid when breastfeeding chocolate gas

15.04.2019 Keven

If you are really craving for chocolates, try not to consume too much. Read the bump guide to learn the truths and myths about foods to avoid when breastfeeding. Why should a nursing mother avoid foods that cause colic. Foods and drinks to avoid while breastfeeding a colicky baby.

It can result to the baby having diarrhea, an upset stomach, and sometimes, even vomiting. Some babies may suffer from severe abdominal pain as well.

Most women love to eat chocolates. These fish contain a high mercury content. We are referring to your eating pattern.

The following are some food that you may need to avoid when breastfeeding. Indulgence during pregnancy is followed by self-deprivation when breastfeeding. Tips for avoiding foods when nursing. But once the baby is born, you do not have the liberty to listen to your taste buds. Pregnancy is a time when you may eat various foods to satiate your cravings.