Ehcache spring xml example code

15.04.2019 Dorthea

The javaconfig must be annotated with enablecaching annotation which enables annotation driven cache management. Here we will provide a complete example for spring ehcache configuration. By dhiraj, 25 november, 2016 9k.

Spring boot ehcache 3 example demo. On this page, we will learn spring 4 ehcache configuration example with cacheable annotation. Spring provides cacheable annotation that uses cache name defined in ehcache xml file. Ehcachecachemanager but that's no longer part of the dependencies. It helps in removing the boilerplate code, extra annotations, and xml configurations.

Springframework spring-context-support. Is there a way to initialize ehcache without xml in either spring 4 or with spring boot.

Rc3 doesn't have any ehcache dependencies but the spring. Ehcache manages cache to boost performance our spring application. It provides an efficient jpa-starter library to effectively connect the application with the relational databases.