About google communities how to

15.04.2019 Admin

Watch this video from google to see how communities work. And this will help build your relationships and expand your network. You can create public communities and private communities.

If you use google for work or school, community creation for google pages has been turned off. You can see posts on public community pages even if you aren't a member of the community. A google community is a place to meet and engage with people on topics youre interested in. If you join a public community, anyone can see posts you make and a list of members in that community.

What you can do when you join a community. Watch this video to learn about google communities. You can connect with others that share the same interests as you do in google communities. You can join public or private communities. If you had trouble finding engagement on google in the past, its time to take a second look and check out active communities on topics you care about. Share posts to that community for other members to see.