Clicking noise when changing gear

08.01.2019 Elida

If it has turned brown then change the fluid. I have no idea what this noise is. Seems like from gearbox or from the right side but not from wheel.

Here i am shifting from park to drive and back. This is when the car is stationary or when it is changing gear so it seems to be when the car is in neutral that it occurs. My truck makes a terrible clunking sound when changing gears. Any ideas what the problem may be. Later in the evening i drive somewhere and all of a sudden a loud clicking noise starts. I can also feel something on my left foot as well as on my hand holding the gear lever whenever the click happens.

The noise was very minor, but definately noticeable. Also sometimes it clicks when i'm driving uphill. Same thing happens when i change from 2nd to 3rd, but not with higher gears. Anyone have a loud clicking coming from the rear axel when shifting gears.