Homemade solar powered desalination

18.04.2019 Roseanne

A thermal desalination unit can be constructed by building a tarp-lined pit that is exposed to the sun. Dig a pit and line it with black polythene plastic sheeting. How the desalination system works. Once the sphere is filled with water, it behaves like a big, solid and a powerful convex lens.

Physics, indian institute of science, bangalore, 2013. Sunshine is readily available in our country, the inventor says of his homemade desalination tank. The easiest unit to create at home is a thermal unit that utilizes solar energy. The variable parameters values were measured in the. Waters to be safe drinking water by homemade desalination.

One local man has created a solar-powered desalination device that turns undrinkable water into healthy, fresh h2o. The desalination technique by solar energy, based on the principle of greenhouse is not new. Fadoo, investigation of the effect of angle of. Tion of a solar-powered water distiller, published in department of. Ocean image by deborah durbin from fotolia.