How to cook chicken wings on a charcoal grill

22.04.2019 Wilbert

And another cut along the drummet leaving 2 pieces. Put all the cut chicken wings in a bowl and set aside. Next, prepare the sauce to marinade the chicken wings.

The wings will cook in the middle, at moderately high but indirect heat. They're so crispy, you'll swear they came right out of the fryer. This video will teach you how to cook fried chicken wings on a charcoal grill. Cut the chicken wings into 3 sections. Using a sharp knife cut down the joint separating and discarding the tip.

By knowing how to get the most flavor into your wings and the right way to cook them, you can have a big plate of chicken wings people will be fighting to finish. First wash the chicken wings, drain and pat dry. Oil the grate lightly to help minimize sticking. Once the coals have heated and settled down under a coat of gray ash, move them to the front and back of your grill. This prevents flare ups and scorching from the dripping fat.