How to get pass level 199 on candy crush

23.04.2019 Gwenda

Break other icings, focus on the corners and sides, and clear all the jellies. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the toughest, i give this level a 10. This is the strategy that i have used to beat this level.

How to beat candy crush saga level 199. How to beat candy crush saga level 199 cheats. Level 103 doesnt offer enough moves to allow you to clear the board making traditional three-candy matches. In candy crush saga level 199 we need to clear all of the jelly blocks and bank at least 145, 00 points within 50 moves to beat this level. In level 199 the entire bottom half of the board are all doubled jellies and the top are jellies and 3-hit meringues.

Make striped candies by matching four same-colored candies in a row. Making combinations and special candies is not difficult, but still requires some work. You have 5 candy colors and 72 available spaces.

You can get a maximum of 215, 00 points. Striped candies will detonate all other candies in the same row or column, depending on the direction in which the stripes are facing.