What happens at first pregnancy visit

30.04.2019 Admin

Having regular antenatal check-ups is an important part of staying healthy and making sure your baby is healthy. The first pregnancy visit is generally timed to happen around 10 to 14 weeks of the pregnancy. The main aims of the first pregnancy visit are for your lead maternity caregiver lmc to obtain detailed information about your health, medical and pregnancy history. The beginning of a new pregnancy is an exciting, yet sometimes nerve-racking time.

For most women, pregnancy is a straightforward, happy and healthy time. When should you start having antenatal care. A midwife specialises in caring for women during pregnancy, birth and after the birth. What should you do if, after the first visit, your chosen provider doesnt seem to fit with you and what you want for your pregnancy. You can switch care providers at any point in your pregnancy, even up to the day your baby is born. What happens at other antenatal visits.

Here is a breakdown of the first prenatal appointment. The south australian pregnancy record.

I just wanted someone who has been through it before to explain what to expect on the. What happens at your first antenatal visit.