What is an electoral college

02.05.2019 Petra

It also gives greater weight to smaller states - one of the checks and balances the us constitution values. For example, the largest state, california, has 12. Wyoming, a sparsely populated state, has. Each time this occurs, criticism of the electoral college becomes commonplace.

Constitution, and was determined to be the fairest way to elect the highest office in the country. This indirect method of popular election is known as the electoral college.

How does the electoral college work. At the present moment, there are currently 538 electors. These electors are chosen by the people, and are the deciding factor in who becomes the next president of the united states of america.

At present, the number of electors per state ranges from three district of columbia to 55 california, for a total of 538. Members of the electoral college are party functionaries who are selected by the state parties in every state with no qualification other than being loyal party supporters who are dependable. Each state has a different number of electors that is equal to the states combined total of senate and house of representatives delegations. It is these electors, chosen by the people, who elect the chief executive.