Who is slender man documentary more video

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This documentary will give you insight into what the slender man is thought to be, various encounters, and even some media of it. Beware the slenderman 2016 documentary. New slenderman documentary hd - 2017. All those questions, and more, will be answered in this documentary.

Your browser does not support the video tag. It was posted by user eric knudsen, then 28, who goes by the alias victor surge in the forums. Slender man - beware the slenderman hbo documentary films. Many people do not believe slender man is.

Beware the slender man is an hbo documentary about the gruesome case. Slender man is a mysterious entity whose origins are still, to this day, unknown. The creepypasta internet meme known as the slender man first appeared on june 10, 2009 on this thread in the forums of the comedy website something awful. Information is valuable, so i have compiled everything i could find into this video.

Beware the slenderman aired on hbo on january 23 2017 and is available to watch on sky atlantic. The documentary explores how the legend became a focal point in the attempted murder investigation.