How to channel anger

03.05.2019 Constance

At the age of 12, arun was told by his grandfather, anger is good. So how can any of that be flipped into a good thing. Its all about how you channel anger. There are three main ways to respond to anger.

Anger is the kryptonite of super heroes. To be a whole person, we need to embrace and utilize both our light and dark sides in creating our dream life. It is childish to not be able to control your anger, or to show your anger inappropriately. Certainly, your anger must come out at the right time but each time some little thing bothers you is not the right time to show your anger. The anger must be channeled into a higher pursuit.

Kashdan and biswas-diener call this the discomfort caveat. Apologize in advance, not for your emotions or your actions but for the potential lack of clarity in how you convey what you're about to say, they recommend. Punching your annoying coworke. Let other people know explicitly that you are experiencing intense emotions and, because of this, it is more difficult than usual for you to communicate clearly. Do you think anger makes you powerful.