Simple text content slider for blogger

09.01.2019 Velva

You can easily add or remove slides to this slider. Also it is very easy to configure. To add this content slider to your web site or blogger blog, follow the steps given below.

The slider content generates from blog'. Well today i came up with a damn cool lightbox slider for your blogger bl.

Blogger dynamic slider is a simple yet powerful automatic slider for blogger. I simplified the complex instructions written with the original sliders source for all blogger.

How to make a slider appear only on homepage in blogger. This simple version of content slider uses divs tags, which slide whole div frames containing both text and images at same time. Many thanks to webdeveloperplus for making this code and i just tested and modified to work on blogger. This is very smart featured post content slider for your blogger blog or any other site. This creates a nice sliding effect with one article per slide. So all you need to do is just copy the below code and paste it after.