People who drink absinthe

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They saw the same things everyone else did. It is only a myth that absinthe causes hallucinations. Also, absinthe normally has very high alcohol content, and some people got extremely drunk. Ingesting too much thujone will cause epileptic-like seizures but it wont make you hallucinate, says distiller peter ahlf, who distills absinthe at mt.

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Similar to channels such as buzzfeed, watchcut, thefinebros gmm we focus on creating content that depicts people usually irish people experiencing new things for the. Co-authored by wikihow staff reader-approved. And some people enjoy the occasional absinthe. Who doesnt know the great vincent van gogh. Hes only one of the most famous painters of all time, and absinthe may have had a hand in it.

They experience the unique flavour that is absinthe. I didn't want an answer from you in the first place.