Mini saga english examples of noun

06.05.2019 Priscilla

Our collection is growing every day with the help of many teachers. Examples of mini-sagas worksheet. A mini saga is a fun method of storytelling, where you must create a complete story in up to 100 words.

I have had many requests about how to write a mini saga. That does not make me an expert on writing mini sagas but writing about hundred of them has taught me a lot of things. Barcelona young learners mini saga competition. Here were produced by students of english as a foreign language. Whose idea is it and what made him think of it. I have written close to 100 mini sagas and published around 57 of them.

For the curious folks, you can read why you should write a mini saga in this changethis manifesto. There will be a prize for the best mini sagas.

Read about the history of mini sagas and then answer the questions. About this site or the mini sagas, please send an email to.