What do girls find attractive in other girls

08.05.2019 Tera

What makes a guy attractive to a girl and what does not. How do i know if women find me attractive. Do guys find small petite girls attractive. Why do guys consider any young girl attractive and put them on a pedestal.

I mean i think its cool when a guy doesnt give a shit about what others say for ex. What do you find most attractive in girls. When people make fun of being vegan or vegetarian and he still keeps doing it. When do guys find girls most attractive. Yes, you can be shy, but at least drop hints that youre interested.

Girls find approachable guys attractive. What do girls find more attractive.

Jealousy yes watching girls jealous of other girls. For me its wen another attractive girl makes eye contact. I have to count the times where i start a conversation with guys only to get one worded responses.