Screen dims when watching a movie ps3

08.05.2019 Salina

Why wont my nook color play netflix movies. Your ps3 offers many features in addition to playing video games. These options can allow you to use your ps3 as an entertainment center for watching dvds or blu-ray movies, streaming online content and viewing photo or video files on external devices. If you have a movie on a usb device, such as a flash drive or hard drive, you can watch that video on your tv using just your ps3.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, i do not want to tap the screen every minute while watching a movie. In my settings, i have it set up to auto-lock after 1 minute. By the way, i got the video off the internet so i can't really change some things about it like you would when you have the actual dvd.

Screen goes darker when watching netflix. The subtitles go below the screen, so i can't see it. There are other worlds than these. When watching movies or cutscrnes in games screen goes dark and hard to see. My samsumg galaxy tab 2 has a netflix icon.

I tried to turn the ps3 off and let it cool down, but it won't allow me to turn it off - help. This never happened to me with the previous version of.