What is a kodi stick

15.05.2019 Anna

It takes content from the internet and display them on your tv. Amazon firestick tv has read more. This kodi fire stick faq is a great guide to answer your firestick questions.

In this guide, i will take you through what are the most fundamental principles of kodi. Kodi can also be used for local media playback, but thats not what it is so popular for. Here, i cover everything you need to know about kodi to start streaming your favorite content in almost no time. Down the line, this tool got rechristened as kodi and became available on a wide range of devices and os platforms.

Along with the rising of kodi popularity, you must heard a lot about the fire stick. Fire stick is a product from amazon for media streaming. So, here i am with the kodi guide for the beginners. Kodi is an open-source, free media player.

So, what is amazon fire stick actually. In fact, kodi is a blank canvas, offered as-is, allowing you to do what you want with your entertainment.