Dwekh nawsha how to join details

18.05.2019 Charis

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These are some of the only towns in nineveh where church bells ring. To protect his family, we have not published the militiamans last name, or the last names of other western foreign fighters. Shame on him, responded brett, an american who joined up with the dwekh nawsha. Its very different, he said, asked how the experiences compared.

The dwekh nawsha operates in coordination with the regional and international security forces. A melbourne man is fighting the islamic state terrorist group on the frontline in northern iraq after joining a christian militia called dwekh nawsha, which translates as self sacrificers. Brett scoffed at the reverends warning.

How to help communities affected by hurricane dorian. A handful of westerners have joined dwekh nawsha, meaning self-sacrifice, to fight the barbaric terrorist group. Here im fighting for a people and for a faith, and the enemy is much bigger and more brutal.