Undefeated college basketball teams at home

04.06.2019 Yoshie

Michelle gustafson for the undefeated. Outside of teaching basketball, these academies are not schools at all. Academics are optional for players, and those who want school must make arrangements with community colleges, sat and act preparation programs or other third-party educational outlets.

The win improves the apaches record to 24-5 this season with an undefeated record in the stronghold 16-0. Cochise came out firing on all cylinders, jumping out to a 24-8 led in the first 8 minutes of the game.

The first half was good to the apaches as they extended the lead to as many as 25 against the gauchos. They darn near lost at home to yale in their third game, and they only won by five at tcu. The mustangs are undefeated, but theyve flirted with disaster a couple of times. Bill selfs teams rarely lose at home, especially against a highly ranked, undefeated league opponent. If they get by the bearcats, the schedule is light enough that they could go into february still perfect, but i think its likely they will get tripped up somewhere before then. Does that seem like a lower number than it should normally be.

Let's flash back to last season, when there was crazy inconsistency in the polls. The cochise college mens basketball team downed the glendale gauchos 105-79 saturday night.