Estuary biome diorama example

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At least 3 plant species found in your biome. The biome should be realistically represented with geographical features such as mountains, streams, rivers, etc. This is a multiple day project resulting in an oral presentation, as well as a 3d diorama of a specific biome. Use appropriate transitions to clarify the relationships among ideas and concepts.

Artist uses food to create miniature worlds. People photography macro photography creative photography corn rows arte digital miniature calendar miniature photography mini things small world. Wild animals from a variety of environments are available as plastic toys and the use of these animals will determine the scale of the finished model. Once the biome has been chosen determine what items to include in the scale model.

Deserts may have sand and rainforests will have a wide variety of vegetation. Biome-in-a-box project due friday, october 12. Artist uses food to create miniature worlds fwx. The box for the project should be shoebox size or larger.

You may turn this project in anytime before the 7th. Choose a biome that is interesting and study the climate, where that specific biome is found globally and any special adaptations of the animals or plants in that biome.