Why is the mona lisa so famous today show

11.07.2019 Craig

So, why is the mona lisa so famous. First, it is a very good painting. It is a very well done portrait and the enigmatic smile captured by da vinci is complex and mysterious.

Mona lisa is a painting done by leonardo da vinci in between 1505-1510ad. Apart from her special smile, mona lisa picture was having another speciality. When you see the picture from any angle it appears as if it is looking at you in that particular angle. In whatever direction you move, her looks will meet straight to yours in that direction.

Whats so great about the mona lisa. Just what is the mona lisa so famous - you might be surprised by the answer. This painting was not famous till 1800s. The simple smile of mona lisa is liked by many people. It is most popular oil painting which is displayed now at the museum called musee du louvre at paris, france.

Sure, shes got that smile, but what makes her the most famous painting in the world.