How to make wooden kachina dolls

31.12.2018 Wilfredo

Are you sure you want to delete this answer. What type of kachina doll is this. Is this a good definition of a kachina doll.

Little is known about these except that they were basically simple in style, with slightly detailed masks and simplified bodies. Dolls in general are called tihu pronounced tee-hoo and you can combine them as katsintihu kachina doll. Kachina dolls are traditionally carved from the roots of cottonwood trees which once were abundant on and near the hopi lands.

How it's made hopi kachina dolls. It can be used in many projects, from wood burning to wood carving, and create crafts for both children and adults. Kachina doll making today involves both tradition and artistry. I'm wanting to make a real kachina doll. One of the most creative and innovative crafts for children is dollmaking. Each kachina doll represents a spirit or other deity or natural element.

What kind of wood would i need and where can i find it also what kind of paints would be best for the designs and knives to carve the doll basically everything i need and tools i would need.