Is soda good for you when sick

17.01.2019 Shila

It's cold, it fizzes, and doesn't taste like phlegm and plague. When you are feeling sick to your stomach, drinking ginger beverages can be the best option. Instead of pop, opt for a popular ginger soda that contains real ginger, not just ginger-sugar flavoring.

Sprite can be good for a sore throat or similar because it'll help you get you nice and slimey. When you're sick, you feel hot, feverish, and feel like generally like garbage that kinda wants to shrivel up.

Soda is certainly not good for you, but if you drink it, its addicting i know. When i went to school, they asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up.

That fizz in soda is the opposite of all that. Because water sick gunk tastes like shit. But the best of it would be ginger ale ginger is good for soothing stomachs, and coca-cola. Yes it is really good to drink it, but very little sips.

Uh, generally drinking soda when you're sick isn't the best idea. But just in general it's a good idea to drink more fluids when you are sick because your body is losing or using them up faster.